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Custom character
MLP: Azran Ponies by asoukathewolf
Customs of Ponies, Sonic character, and otherwise
All I need is-
Age Range
and anything else
If it is a Fish-Pony or some species I do not own, please show proof that you have permission for a custom
Single Characters
MLP: Ji-Juna by asoukathewolf
Elena: civillian by asoukathewolf
Edits and Dolls of single characters (i.e. Ponies, sonic charas, humans, oc, ect...)
MLP: Yuel And Yeul by asoukathewolf
Star Wars OCs: Xion and Greed by asoukathewolf
A group of TWO people together (ponies or otherwise) with the use of a base
My MLP Reverse World 8 by asoukathewolf
Doll: Ballad of the Cross Main Cast by asoukathewolf
Groups are 3 or more characters in one picture
Hand drawn single- colored
Hand drawn, single character, colored in Paint
Hand drawn Couples- colored
Rue And Pluto B-day Card by asoukathewolf
Hand drawing of two characters together, colored in paint


Hey you guys, I am sad to say that my hard drive has been failing and I may not be able to get much done in way of requests and the like. I am so sorry for the delay, but I don't want to lose all my work so it may be a while before I can get back to work.
I hope you all can understand.

Team LIAC by asoukathewolf
Make sure you Comment when you Favorite!!!!

Hey everyone, I've been pretty obsessed with the online show RWBY for sometime now and decided to make my own team. I got the idea for a team called LYRC but was later informed about how the team names and the names of the characters are all based on colors... SO I went back to the drawing board and created Team LIAC (pronounced as Lilac). Alright, time to introduce everyone:

L- Luna Moonstone: Luna is a wolf Faunus who grew up in the northernmost part of Remnant alongside her village of wolf Faunus which she eventually left to join the White Fang, and later Beacon. She is skilled at using a gunsaber and her Semblance, called Razor Wind, is based on wind manipulation which she uses to make her bullets and blade sharper as well as getting more accurate wide ranged attacks. She is known to have at least four older brother, an older sister and a younger set of twins (one boy and one girl).  She is the leader of Team LIAC, partner to Invi and her color is silver.

I- Invi Peridot: Invi is a human reining from the northern region of the kingdom of Mistral and trained to become a huntsman long before he was admitted to Beacon. His main weapon is a set of claws that can be charged with Dust to give his claws special effects on those he attacks (i.e. ice Dust causes the area of where his claws cut become coated in ice, fire Dust causes the area to become burned and hot to the touch, etc...) his Semblance, called Acute, is used to make his sight and accuracy enhanced greatly to the point where he is able to hit his targets every time. His only known relatives are his father (who is a skilled huntsman) and his grandmother who basically raised him. He is the second in command of Team LIAC, Luna's partner and his color is green.

A- Aero Sapphire- Aero is a human from Vacuo who eventually moved to Vale in order to attend Beacon. He specializes in using a set of dual guns that can double as a set of energy blades. He has yet to discover his Semblance but intends to work as hard as he can in order to find it. Despite his lack of Semblance, he is a great fighter, able to match Luna in a fight with relative ease. He has a mother, a sister (who is attending an Academy in Vacuo) and an aunt who lives in Vale. He is a member of Team LIAC, Coral's partner and his color is light blue.

C- Coral Spinel- Coral is a human girl from the island of Patch who originally trained at Signal Academy in order to enroll at Beacon and become a huntress. Her main weapons are her fists which are reinforced with a set of gloves with Dust woven into them so that the after effects of hitting an opponent are more powerful than they would be normally which works well with her Semblance that makes her physical strength double every time she is attacked (because of this, she will sometimes order one of her teammates or even herself to punch her in order to double her strength). Her only known relatives are her parents who do not like the idea of her becoming a huntress. She is a member of Team LIAC, Aero's partner and her color is red-pink.

And that's the gang!

Team LIAC: Me
Bases: SelenaEde
Symbols found on Bing
RWBY franchise: Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Production

Hope you like them!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love writing and speedpanting. If you have any suggestions for a story idea please, be free to tell me. I shall also do speedpaints as long as you put a link of the character and which sonic character you'd like me to make it from.

:iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen:

Comissions Prices
Customs 25 :points:
For a single character 15 :points:
For a couple character 30 :points:
Any extra characters are 10 :points: each
Colored 30 :points:
Background 5 :points:

:happybounce: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: :happybounce:
Hey you guys, I am sad to say that my hard drive has been failing and I may not be able to get much done in way of requests and the like. I am so sorry for the delay, but I don't want to lose all my work so it may be a while before I can get back to work.
I hope you all can understand.


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